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Last week HORTA COSLADA has completed the shipment of the TIM Prototype structure in the Outer Port of A Coruña with destination to the Port of Arinaga in Gran Canaria.

The TIM Prototype, owned and designed by ESTEYCO, consists of an auxiliary structure to facilitate the transport, installation and later maintenance of an offshore wind turbine. The elements that are part of the TIM Prototype (pontoons, ring and trusses) reach 30 m long, 8.75 m width, 8.50 m high and 70 tons and have been entirely fabricated and tested in our plant of A Coruña which, due to its proximity to port, is an optimal location for exportation of large pieces for the Offshore market.

The TIM Project has received funding from the Spanish body CDTI, within its “PID - Proyectos de Investigación y Desarrollo”, and under file number 00105260 / IDI-20180068.

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